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PC Support As You Wait And Play

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Momentum VR Ltd

We have over 25 years experience in IT. From desktop support into server support and then into data communications. We have contracted to many global corporations from Investment banks to Internet Service Providers and lots in between. We offer simple PC support services to all. Whether it is data recovery from a failed hard drive to a PC rebuild and file recovery, we can carry these tasks out for you, most times while you wait, with a twist. We got involved in virtual reality when the Oculus DK1 came out and we have slowly worked out what works and what doesn't to this point. We offer VR experiences with cutting edge technology, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift for VR and Microsoft Hololens for Augmented Reality and a glimpse into the future. If we are tasked to work on a rebuild or to troubleshoot your PC, the first hour as you wait, you have full access to our entire future technology lab equipment. Included in your first hours PC Support fee. So come along and take your IT frustrations out with a spree of zombie killing or roller coasting as your PC is brought back to full fitness.