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At RICET LTD. (also known as Cyrus Computer Centre) we do the very best to give you, the customer, the best possible services and maintenance.

We are constantly updating our equipment and knowledge to adapt to new technologies and problems. We always use high quality of replacement components.

Our services and maintenance include:

*** Recovering data from all data storage devices and media.

We offer Data recovery for any Data Storage such as Internal Hard Disk Drives 2.5" & 3.5", external Hard Disk Drives, Flash Memories, SD Cards, Mini SD Cards, Micro SD Card.

In our data recovery services, we use the most powerful data recovery structure and systems available.

*** Troubleshooting – repairing hardware and software:
Hardware and software fault diagnostics and repair of Apple Products (apple computers only), laptops, PCs, game consoles and tablets including. Repair of logic boards (such as Motherboard etc) or software services (such as Changing or Upgrading Operating System, Virus Removal etc).

*** Consult, advise, design and build professional and home computers.

*** We can do some our services at your place in Greater Manchester. Also, we can collect your broken machine which needs specific repair from your place and sends it back to you after repair, with no delivery charges within 5 radius miles from Manchester City Centre.

We have extensive experience in this field. We access the highest quality components required by our customers.

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Thank you very much for your time and your support…