Camaraderie racing at RC car racetrack

CHICO — The signal to race is on. Drivers sent full power to their throttles.
“Rheeeee!” sounded the electric motors of RC cars speeding down the carpeted racetrack.
“The loop is live, the loop is live,” Track Director Kevin Jelich said with loudspeake…

Top 10 Best Automobile Companies In India 2022

Top 10 Automobile Companies in India 2022
The automotive sector includes all enterprises and activities involved in the manufacture of automobiles, as well as the majority of its components, such as engines and bodywork, but excludes tyres, batteries, …

The 10 best-reviewed Steam games in 2022

Steam remains one of the most popular gaming platforms on PC. Millions of people are using it every day, and it’s not uncommon to see the platform break peak player count records. Steam already boasted almost 28 million concurrent users at the beginnin…